Paranormal Research Society of New England

Founded by the nephew of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ghost hunting, Ouija boards, EVP, demonology, etc…
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Paranormal Research Society of New England

Unread post by jemiNii » 8 months ago


This site exists to help people who are having paranormal experiences or are being tormented by harmful spirits. This site does not exist to make money, and we do not endorse or sell products. We conduct an honest investigation and will give you an honest evaluation of the haunting.

We do not charge for conducting an investigation. We will ask for travel reimbursement, which can include gas, airline tickets, phone and tolls.

We generally travel by car whenever possible to keep the costs to a minimum. Due to the reality that there are always those who can not financially reimburse this amount, the fee will vary on case by case basis.

One or two investigators will arrive to do an initial interview and at that point determine if a full investigation is needed. At this time, all people involved will be interviewed. You can expect some rather to-the-point and personal questions. They will be asked for the sole intent of getting into the background of the haunting.

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