Welcome To Daisyland (2019-)

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Welcome To Daisyland (2019-)

Unread post by Krappy » 2 months ago

Welcome To Daisylandis a horror anthology series set behind the gates of the Daisyland Carnival, a music & mayhem shadow show. The carnival is a small but legendary one that began its run sometime in the early 1970s. No one knows for sure exactly when, only that is has appeared every fall, across the country in a series of vacant lots and overgrown fields, far from the reach of city lights and the law.
Once the gates have closed and all the patrons have gone home, the cast of the carnival comes to life. Each member of the troupe has a dark gift and job to fulfill, as Daisyland is a place for the collection of souls.
Daisyland open from dark to dawn. Where dreams come true and nightmares begin.
“Enjoy your last night in town kiddies, come sunrise we’re gone!
That’s right… go and play.”
Daisy – Ringmaster

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Tony E. Valenzuela (Silverwood, Harper’s Globe, Green Eyed World) and Executive Produced by David Edwards (“Rock Star INXS”) while being presented by Spitfire Music and BlackBoxTV.
Starring Pepi Sonuga (Ash Vs The Evil Dead), Jessica Amlee (Heartland, Greenhouse Academy), Tru Collins (Insecure, Awkward), Kellan Rhude (The Axe Murders of Villisca, You Can Play), Aaron Groben (Face Off, Comedy Bang Bang), Jarrett Sleeper (Stranger Than Fiction), George Todd McLachlan (Josie) and Sam Aotaki.
Welcome To Daisylandis our Valentine’s Day gift to both fans of horror and BlackBoxTV,” declares director Tony E. Valenzuela.
Music and orchestration for the series was provided by acclaimed hard rock outfit The Dead Daisies.
Welcome To Daisylandwill premiere on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019 on the BlackBoxTV YouTube channel.

“Welcome to Daisyland” Opens a Twisted Carnival on Valentine’s Day [Trailer]

Welcome To Daisyland” TV Series Featuring Music by THE DEAD DAISIES, Series Trailer Out Now

Welcome To Daisyland

Ladies and Gentleman… “Welcome To Daisyland” Watch Episode 1 Now!


Daisy is confronted by a shadowy figure from her past. The Ringmaster retells her story of how The Daisyland Music and Mayhem Shadow show was born.

Ringing in 2019 with a special behind the scenes look at Welcome To Daisyland. Series Premier 2.14.19 on BlackBoxTV. Come Inside… stay tuned for more behind the scenes videos and full theatrical trailer in the weeks to come, as we get ready to scare the living daylights out of you this Valentine’s Day.

The video for one of the crowd favorites off their latest, chart-topping album “BURN IT DOWN” combines classic performance elements intertwined with appearances from the Undead, which were created, filmed and edited by legendary horror visionary Tony Valenzuela (Black Box TV, Villisca).


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