Episode 64: 30 Days of Night (2007)

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Episode 64: 30 Days of Night (2007)

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Slasher Radio visited Barrow, Alaska for this week’s episode to experience “30 Days of Night”! This bone-chilling 2007 film set is as cold as ice, but the effects are absolute fire. Directed by David Slade (HANNIBAL, TV Series), the film was produced by horror icon Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert which was adapted for film from the comic book of the same name. Although production of the film took place in New Zealand, “30 Days of Night” captured the winter dread of Alaska with its near flawless set design and cinematography. The film’s bleak setting was counterbalanced with incredibly original blood-thirsty creatures who paint the town red as they pick off the townspeople one by one. Grab your parka and shovel your way through this frigid flick. Then, sit down with us as we plow through the pros and cons of the unique film adaptation of “30 Days of Night”! You can check out our articles AND listen to the show at SlasherRadio.com and contact the show via email [email protected] or on Twitter: @SlasherRadio @Dismay00 @BobbySpitzerr @MikeysDead

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