Torso (1973)

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Torso (1973)

Unread post by Verc » 9 months ago

Heavily censored resulting in (small) sections remaining spoken in Italian, with the available subtitles being in Brazilian Portuguese in this edition which I believe to be quite rare. It is a couple of minutes longer so may be a very slight edit along the above lines but I will leave you to find out for yourselves as to whether it is the original or alternative ending here.

The score is impressive in that it incorporates varied types of music and sounds which all seem to fit including a track by Alan Parker. A fairly original and very good quality Giallo not adversely affected by the language elements. From an English speaking perspective; a little bit of Italian left in here and there actually helps give a good overall feeling to the experience.

Very well paced and balanced with minimal but effective bloody scenes rather relying more on substantial nudity and tension. I particularly like the dominant colour used which is built up rather subtly so that I didn’t figure it out straight away. Bordering on a classic imho.

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