174 : marvel hellraiser part 3

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174 : marvel hellraiser part 3

Unread post by jemiNii » 6 months ago

Thanks for joining us at the Clive Barker Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. This episode 174, Jose and Ryan return to the Marvel / Epic Hellraiser comics, books 8-10.  Keep listening, we’ve got some doosies of voice-mails at the end. Show Notes Book 8 - 1991
  • Homecoming (w - John Rozum, a - Mark Texiera)
  • Devil’s Brigade Part 2: Heaven on Hell Street (w - Ron Wolfe, a - John Van Fleete)
  • Losing Herself in the Part (w — Doug Murray, Dwayne McDuffie, a — Gray Morrow)
  • Devil’s Brigade Part 3: Inside the Laager (w — Larry Wachowski, a — Joe Barruso)
Book 9 - 1991
  • Closets (w - Larry Wachowski, a — Miran Kim)
  • The Tontine (w/a - Scott Hampton, a - John Van Fleet)
  • The Devil’s Brigade Part Four: Shoot High Break Low
  • The Devil’s Brigade Part Five: Passion
Book 10 - 1991
  • Devil’s Brigade Part 6: One True Faith (W - Nicholas Vince, A - Joe Barruso)
  • The Sweet Science (W - Erik Saltzgaber, A - Mike Zeck)
  • Devil’s Brigade Part 7: Commitment (W - DG Chichester, Dwayne McDuffie, A - Mike McMahon)
  “Homecoming” was changed editorially into something far too gentle for the Hellraiser universe, and into something disappointingly unrecognizable from the script I turned in, so I don’t really consider it something I wrote, but I’m still pretty pleased with the other too stories. I really dug getting to play with Clive Barker’s creations and had even written a tie in comic detailing the origins of the lament configurations (the deadly puzzle boxes) and further three stories which never saw print because the series was cancelled before they could be run. I’d love to be able to return to Hellraiser some day.
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