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United Horror Fans BBS has, and will, NEVER intentionally mean to infringe on other's rights and cause them possible loss of income. We deal with a lot of material on the site and we leave it up to our members to decide what is right to upload/link to. Media in the "Public Domain" is encouraged because so much of the material on our site is older and considered classic/vintage. We recognize problems with new material immediately, however it becomes more vague when the material is older and the original copyright has been abandoned.

Our site is MOSTLY comprised of informational posts and we include photos and trailers we find on the Internet. We believe our usage of these materials to fall safely within the guidelines of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). However, there are other forums that may reference the media incorrectly at times. We do try to keep up with all of it, but it takes time and we eventually take care of all problems.

However, if you find a link or file that you feel is violating your rights in any way at all - please use our DMCA form (attached) and mail it to us at [email protected]
(The form is designed as "fillable" and you can open it in any reader and fill-it in.)

A correct form will result in immediate action being taken on ALL current and ALL possible future links at ALL of our affiliate sites. If you bypass us and complain to others instead - you WILL NOT be successful in protecting your copyright on all of our affiliate sites. However, it WILL hinder our process and possibly cause the reverse of what you would like to happen to actually happen.

We take these notices very seriously, and we check into them as a result to verify their validity. If any part of the notice is found to be incorrect/invalid then the entire notice will be considered invalid.


- jemiNii (Administrator)

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