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Welcome to United Horror Fans BBS!


Unread post by jemiNii da'Boss » 1 month ago

Greetings Horror Fans!
Image The United Horror Fans BBS

A unique website made up of unique individuals with at least one thing in common - we truly love HORROR! The site is maintained by a small staff. These members are considered FULL members. However, we welcome new members to join our ranks and will never turn down a horror fan offering help. Help comes in many forms and we accept it all ….

For those who do not have the time to help or for whatever reason choose not to, there is a BASIC membership available that opens up all the locked doors we have put up to keep out the general public. This includes, but is not limited to, our Documentaries and Clips/Shorts forums as well as our fast growing YouTube Gallery.
(More films are added every month!)

A BASIC membership requires a donation of $5 USD for each month of desired membership and each member must log-on at least one (1) time every 30 days.

Those seeking a FULL membership must become BASIC members before they can apply for FULL membership. A FULL member has all the perks. Members choice of thousands of 1080p HD films for download or streaming through Dark Cloud Media Servers (PLEX Cloud servers). Invitations to special contests and special opportunities that only arise through our website. We provide a private torrent tracker and seedbox slots if needed. You can choose from many options on how you wish to fulfill your FULL membership obligations. Donations are not required for this level.

If you are not interested in a membership at all - we still offer an amazing amount of material to our guests. E-books, audiobooks, Live Twitter Feeds, podcasts, soundtracks, our info forums, and many great things you will discover as you browse our forums. Guests can participate in our Public Polls forum and provide feedback as well.

If you’re not a true horror fan and you’re only interested in a few films - you might find what you are looking for here, but the true horror fan will never want to leave …..

Thanks for your interest in our organization,

- jemiNii (Administrator/Founder)


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