UHF Membership Upgrade Requirements (04/27/18)

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UHF Membership Upgrade Requirements (04/27/18)


Unread post by jemiNii » 9 months ago

You only need to read this if you wish to upgrade to a FULL membership! You will never be required to do anything as a BASIC member other than log-on at least one (1) time within every 30 days.

The MAIN benefit of being a FULL member is the capability to request films for downloading/streaming by private torrent. Thousands of horror films for you to view/download/covet. New films are added EVERY DAY! ALL films unless designated otherwise are HQ 1080p HD @ 5000kbps with Surround (if available) OR Stereo. FULL members can move up in rank and even retire after a certain amount of time. They can also request more films for streaming and downloading and also now for blu-ray purchases to add the films to the site!

If you wish to upgrade - please read all of the following carefully - and do not be afraid to ask questions .You will be required to choose from one (1) of the six (6) five (5) options below to fulfill each month as a FULL member until you reach eLiTe status.

You should keep in mind that no matter the option you choose or the job you pick - after you have been a FULL member for seven hundred thirty (730) days days or five hundred (500) posts, whichever comes first, you will be moved to the eLiTe group and will never have to worry about any extra requirements again.
(NOTE: Your time does not start until you are a FULL member - no matter how long you have been a BASIC member.)


1) Five (5) posts to the film forums using one of the provided post models.

Here is a video showing you how quickly and easily it is done.

Each post has the potential to take up to three (3) minutes of your time. Fifteen (15) min. a month estimated total time donation.

Here is an example of an acceptable post: viewtopic.php?p=12927#p12927

Here is an example of an ideal posting. Links to reviews were added and extra pics! You will be richly rewarded if you post like that. I promise that I will make sure that those who look out for me get the same treatment back.

2) Ten (10) posts to Social Media forum using approved URL formats.Ask in Chat for details if unsure.(No TWITTER!)

3) Five (5) shorts/clips added to the Shorts/Clips forum. (YouTube, Vimeo, and a few others are supported automatically.)If it is horror, decent quality, and you think others will like it - post it!
Doesn’t matter if it has been around forever - if it isn’t here already - it’s new!ADMIN RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ANY SUBMISSION FOR ANY REASON!!

4) Apply for staff position and if you get it and you can keep it for six (6) months you can retire to eLiTe status!
(NOTE: Inquire in chat or PM the admin about available positions)

5) Upload one (1) pre-approved DVD or Blu-ray to be used as we see fit.

6) Donate five (5) USD through PayPal.
There are normally no long term discounts available - only month-to-month …

NOTE: The latter three (3) methods are the only way that you can take care of more than one month at a time.
If you pick options one (1) thru three (3) - you can only earn one (1) month at a time.The last two (2) methods require zero (0) participation from the member in the forums - silent membership is OK.

LASTLY, if you have chosen your method(s) and you are sure that you wish to upgrade - you must apply by sending a PM or asking in Chat.

Thanks for your membership and your help, :thanks:

jemiNii (ADMIN)


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