I Don't Live There Anymore (Slash [2002]) Music Video

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I Don't Live There Anymore (Slash [2002]) Music Video

Unread post by Krappy » 1 year ago

Music Video: I Don’t Live There Anymore (Slash, 2002)

What better way to relax on a rainy Saturday with some random horror flicks and some nice music? And so here’s a little music video featuring the song ’I Don’t Live There Anymore’ with footage from the horror flick Slash, where the song was used. Although nothing special, this 2002 horror film directed by Neal Sundstrom, certainly has its entertaining moments. The film features a band (called Slash), who get a visit by hillbilly Billy Bob (Nick Boraine). He tells them an aunt of their lead singer Mac (James O’Shea) died and they are all invited to the funeral. But showing up at the countryside, Mac is confronted with his father (Steve Railsback), who wants him to stay at the farm. And he has to make a decision; will he choose the life he has right now, singing in a band in the big city? Or will he stay at the farm, the place where he was born and raised? … Oh, and there’s a brutal masked killer who kills people with a scythe.

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