Beginning of the End (Freddy vs Jason [2003]) Music Video

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Beginning of the End (Freddy vs Jason [2003]) Music Video

Unread post by Krappy » 1 year ago

Music Video: Beginning of the End (Freddy vs Jason)

When you’ve got two of the greatest horror icons fighting, you know you’re gonna need a soundtrack filled with hard rock and metal songs. Which is the case for the 2003 Freddy vs Jason, in which Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees duel it out. The song The Beginning of the End is one of them. And funny enough, while Freddy vs Jason was a beginning to both franchises, both original franchises actually ended with this film and got themselves a (crappy) remake. So in a way Freddy vs Jason was the beginning of the end. The song ‘Beginning of the End’ was performed by Spineshank.

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