The Deadly Elegant Dark Cabaret/Folk Song Collection

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The Deadly Elegant Dark Cabaret/Folk Song Collection

Unread post by Krappy » 2 years ago

A collection of songs that go well together. A few classics, some rare songs and gems. Some songs are closer to dark folk rather than cabaret, and there is a bit of rock too, but they kinda belong to the same atmosphere.

0:00 The Hearse Song - Brillig
1:54 Rivolta Silenziosa - Humanwine
5:50 No More Room - The Scarring Party
7:25 Turpentine - This Way to the Egress
11:31 Dr. Flynn - Caravan of Thieves
14:26 If I Told You Once - Circus Contraption
19:04 The Silent - Tragic Tantrum Cabaret
22:44 Evil Night Together - Jill Tracy
27:18 One More Smoke - Reverend Glasseye
29:45 Mr. Green - This Way to the Egress
34:30 Rattlesnake - Caravan of Thieves
38:20 Two of Us - Curtis Eller's American Circus
43:22 Anywhere - The Scarring Party
45:55 Wake Up - Humanwine
50:47 Angels in Cages - Caravan of Thieves
55:08 The Straight Razor Cabaret - Voltaire
58:36 Saint - This Way to the Egress
1:04:38 Hot Potato - Circus Contraption
1:09:35 Death Blues - The Dead Brothers
1:12:35 Graveyard - Devil Makes Three
1:15:59 Sometimes Sunshine - Revue Noir
1:20:00 Revelator - The Scarring Party
1:22:50 Live Through Your Strings - This Way to the Egress
1:25:55 Sugar in My Coffin - Curtis Eller's American Circus

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