Deadly Friend (1986)

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Deadly Friend (1986)

Unread post by Krappy » 6 months ago

Loosely adapted from Diana Henstell’s novel Friend, “Deadly Friend” revolves around boy genius Paul (Matthew Laborteaux) who has moved to a new town with his mother his mother and his robot pal that he built himself named BB. Paul soon falls in love with pretty neighbor Sam (Kristy Swanson), who lives with her abusive father. Things soon go downhill when BB (who has been showing signs of hostility of late) is blown to bits by the crazy shot-gun toting old lady who lives down the street and Sam is knocked down the stairs by her father, leaving her brain dead. Paul has a solution though, as he puts BB’s main microchip into Sam’s brain to revive her. He thinks that his problems are over but he couldn’t be more wrong as Sam soon goes around killing those who wronged both her and BB.

DIRECTOR: Wes Craven

Author Joseph Maddrey Looks Back at Wes Craven’s DEADLY FRIEND

In Defense Of: “Deadly Friend” (1986)

Deadly Friend (1986) review

Film Review: Deadly Friend (1986)




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