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Photo Fiends

Unread post by jemiNii » 1 year ago


It became clear to us after our first 2 years of running United Horror Fans BBS that we needed a better way of storing and displaying pictures here.
We are a media rich site and have certain requirements that our available options were not accommodating - the built-in attachment feature was losing images on updates and other image hosting services either could not keep the pics for more than 6 months or had too many rules concerning content. Horror films have nudity and gore and we ran the risk of violating their rules on nearly every post.

We needed a solution that did not exist - one where we had full control over our images - so we created it.
Photo Fiends is our very own image hosting service that we own – we make the rules - which means there are not that many rules when it comes to content. The pics do not have to depict horror if they are being used on a horror site or in a horror-themed post. If they are being used on a non-horror site than it is the pic itself that needs to have the horror-theme OR depiction. Screenshots from films are what we mostly use it for here at UHF - but we use it for anything else we want to show others in chat or discussion type forums.

It’s FREE to all as long as you use it as mentioned above - be sure to read the TOS and content policies at the site itself for specifics.
We are fully SSL compliant and we do not log or track our users for any reason.
There is a plug-in for site owners to add to their site that automates the whole process and allows them to integrate Photo Fiends into their site and make it their website’s image hosting service ….


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